Apro Lee

Company: Black Mark It
Country: Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
Tattoo styles: Black-and-gray, Traditional, Tribal

Apro Lee from Seoul, Korea. Owner of Black Mark It(Private Studio in Seoul). Korean traditional style. Korean tiger and pattern work. Minhwa, Danchung, Jakhodo.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aproleetattoo
Instagram: https://instagram.com/apro_lee/
Email: aprotattoo@gmail.com

Artists 2014

Dani Queipo image 1
Dani Queipo
Mauricio Teodoro image 1
Mauricio Teodoro
Cindy Vega image 2
Cindy Vega
Nick Horn image 4
Nick Horn
Miles Monaghan image 1
Miles Monaghan
Hannah Keuls image 2
Hannah Keuls
Grace Neutral image 4
Grace Neutral
Laurent Maina image 3
Laurent Maina
Touka Voodoo image 1
Touka Voodoo
Shane Gallagher image 1
Shane Gallagher