The Circus of Men: FELIPE REYES 


Colombian Circus of Men performer Felipe Reyes is an international hand balancing and aerial artist, performing throughout the UK, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean.With over 10 years’ interdisciplinary experience, Felipe has provided the entertainment industry with dazzling performances time and time again. Felipe’s colourful performances feature incredible feats of balance and strength with a hot and sexy Latin flair.

Whether he’s supporting his own body weight on one hand or flying through the air on his aerial straps, Felipe Reyes displays an adrenaline-pumping mixture of intricacy and theatricality that will leave audiences both astounded and breathless. 

London Tattoo Convention will see Felipe perform both his incredible hand balance act and his strong powerful aerial straps show – this is the first time he has performed at a Tattoo Convention, so lets pop his convention cherry and give him an audience welcome never to be forgotten!