LATEST ATTRACTIONS: Japanese Gallery 2017


The Japanese Gallery present a captivating collection of traditional woodblock prints at The London Tattoo Convention this September. Featuring work by Kuniyoshi amongst others, these works offer an insightful view to Japanese tattoo culture through the ages...

Established in 1977, the Japanese Gallery is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. The Japanese Gallery are proud to share a collection of extraordinary traditional woodblock prints at the London Tattoo Convention this September; the exhibit will take viewers through an evolutionary journey of Japanese tattooing, conflating modern day tattoo styles with the popularity of ukiyo-e in the mid-18th century Edo period (1603 - 1868).

In a time when the strict, controlling Tokugawa goverment supressed any signs of individuality, tattoos and printmaking were proof that the working classes found their own way of expressing themselves through the vibrant world of popular art. Extremely elaborate, both artistically and culturally, the purpose of Japanese tattoos shifted over time from a form of punishment to beautification, with designs depicting religious and magical meaning. 

Comparable in tradition and technique to ukiyo-e, tattoos were catering to the working classes and otokodate of Edo - the artists, the merchants and the gangsters. 
Seeking to connect past and present, the exhibition will trace the development and popularity of Japanese tattoos alongside woodblock printing, while focusing on the importance of their aesthetic value. 
Don't miss this stunning exhibition at The London Tattoo Convention - find the Japanese Gallery in our brand new gallery area this September 22-23-24th at Tobacco Dock.