LATEST ATTRACTIONS: The Art of Matthew James


Matthew James has been a tattooist on the road now for over ten years, recently settling in the Mendip hills in England. His unique private studio has given him more opportunity to explore different mediums alongside his tattoo art.

Matthew makes his own charcoal in a traditional local method and mixes it with tattoo ink, ground limestone and pencil.

His compositions explore flow and direction that borrow 'rules' from tattoo composition and photography to help his tattoo style become more unique, in turn helping each other to evolve.

To express feeling or even meaning through mark making isnt the central focus of Matthew's artwork, rather experimenting with traditional compositions and understanding depth and focus is what Matthews paintings begin to study and explore.

"To understand the joy in creativity and to balance it with the stress and desire to create, is a battle that will never be won or lost, but to document and learn is truly what gives my journey some direction."