LATEST ATTRACTIONS: The Kintaro Kite Project 2017


The International London Tattoo Convention are thrilled to announce our latest exhibition, The Kintaro Kite Project, featuring 35 of the world's most prolific tattoo artists specialising in the Japanese style.

In 2011 Kintaro emerged as an independent publisher of art books and high quality prints, and has since developed into a creative platform showcasing an impressive roster of tattoo talent. 

Kintaro Publishing offer a carefully selected range of artwork and books that meet their high standards, belief and vision for the company, providing tattoo artists, enthusiasts and collectors high quality and cutting-edge reference materials and artworks. Focusing on counter-culture, alternative lifestyles and inspiring body art, Kintaro Publishing aim to introduce new forms of expression and to raise public interest for an exciting and innovating culture.

Due to the increasing interest in the artforms Kintaro Publishing represent, the Kintaro Kite Project was born; 35 world-class artists have been invited to unleash their unique creativity and vision on the canvas of a traditional Japanese kite.

Participating artists include:

Adam Kitamoto - Australia, Alvaro Llorar - Spain, Bill Canales - USA, Chris Garver - USA, Claudia de Sabe - UK, Dan Sinnes - Luxembourg, Filip Leu - Switzerland, Genziana - Italy, Hide Ichibay - Japan
Horiyoshi III - Japan, Ivan Szazi - Brazil, Jeroen Franken - Netherlands, Junii - USA, Junior Goussain - Brazil, Kiku - USA, Kim-Anh - Netherlands, Len Leye - Belgium, Luke Atkinson - Germany
Marco Rossettini - Italy, Marco Serio - Netherlands, Marius Meyer - Norway, Matthieu K Leu - Switzerland, Mick Tattoo - Switzerland, Nico Cennamo - Switzerland, Pino Cafaro - Germany
Rico Daruma - Japan, Salvio - Italy, Sandor Jordan - Germany, Shane Tan - Singapore, Shuryu - Japan, Tattoo Lobo - Italy, Vlady Positivevibrations - Italy, Yoni Zilber - USA, Yushi Takei - Japan, Yutaro - UK

This beautiful exhibition features some truly incredible artists and is not to be missed; view the full collection of kites this September at The International London Tattoo Convention.