Fuel Girls Stage: Fuel Girls


The Fuel Girls have been performing all over the world and at the International London Tattoo Convention for a number of years, with shows taking them everywhere from the Playboy Mansion in LA to the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Their shows have developed over the years and the Fuel Girls have grown from young, rebelious party girls, into skilled, dynamic and incredibly talented performers. This is reflected in the strength and skill of their stage shows and now the Fuel Girls are booked at events such as the Masters of Dirt FMX tour Europe, where they perform in front of 80,000 people, to the best Tattoo Shows in the world! Of course, this means the London Tattoo Convention always provides a fantastic platform for the Fuel Girls stage show and you get the chance to see not just an incredible show, but the Fuel Girls incredible ink! 

The Fuel Girls will be performing on all days at the 12th London Tattoo Convention Sept 2016, so make sure you get to the stage in plenty of time as it gets packed!! Between shows, you will also get the chance to meet the girls and get some pics. They are very friendly and don’t bite! (at least not all the time…)

We are proud to present the latest images from the sensational Fuel Girls. These images are stunning and have been photographed by the very talented and professional photographer Ayesha Hussain. https://www.facebook.com/AyeshaHOfficial

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