Vince Ray renowned artist and graphic designer for his unique record covers, T-shirts and tattoo designs, will be performing in the Voodoo Crypt with his his band THE VINCE RAY LOSER MACHINE.

The VINCE RAY LOSER MACHINE is a two piece rock and roll band.  The guitar, vocals and drum combo has worked well for many bands playing messed up blues and garage punk but no one seemed to be playing good old rock and roll and rockabilly in this format. So Vince Ray and Chris Russel stepped in with a totally stripped down sound, no double bass, no frills, just thrills! Rockabilly music was futuristic when first heard in the atom age and it's still the music of the future if it's played that way. Nothing retro or vintage here, please move along. This band is greasy, this band smells of burning rubber, this band is train wreck into a wall of rock and roll voodoo. (By Professor Breathless Barry)

Ever wondered what Vince Ray's artwork sounds like? He's been playing rock and roll music longer than he's been creating artwork, stompin' out voodoo rhythms since he was a greasey teenage punk back in the 1970's. The themes of his artwork get taken on an aural trip with the Boneshakers where you'll find foxey femme fatales rubbing shoulders with hot rodding greaseballs. 

Vince has shared bills with artists such as The Meteors, Demented Are Go, The Kings Of Nuthin’ and The Damned. He has toured Europe extensively with the likes of The Stray Cats and the Reverend Horton Heat and recorded two albums with The Boneshakers, whose live appearances are a visual feast, with hand painted instruments, giant backdrops and tattoos everywhere.

Website: www.vincerayandtheboneshakers.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vincerayandtheboneshakers
Twitter: www.twitter.com/the_boneshakers