Exhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo Army


Exhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo Army

This year, the 13th International London Tattoo Convention is excited to present a fantastic and totally unique art exhibition, ‘The Imperial Tattoo Army’...

The London Tattoo Convention has commissioned the following Tattoo Artists to paint elaborate tattoo influenced designs onto iconic canvases purchased from originalstormtrooper.com.

Tattoo artists Jondix, Hanumantra, Jordan Croke, Victor Chil, Maarten Emily, Lenu, Guen Douglas, Adam Hays and Vlady have taken part to produce nine stunning and completely original artworks. 

The art exhibition will be displaying 3 Battle Spec bodysuits and 6 Battle Spec Stormtrooper helmets. Each artist will bring their own style to deliver totally one-off pieces of art which in the future will be auctioned for charity.

This exhibition is exclusive to The London Tattoo Convention.  For those of you who are fans this will be an amazing experience combining the Dark Side of the Force with Tattoo inspired art - what more could you ask for!

In 1976, prop maker Andrew Ainsworth was approached by fellow creator Nick Pemberton to create the original Stormtrooper costumes used for the first Star Wars movie. He created the prototypes for the helmets and armour, and after approval from Lucas, went into production to create the iconic trooper costumes used in the original films.  The original moulds Andrew used were stored safely in his SDS prop-house and after a near 30 year sleep; they have been dusted off and are once more in use to create the genuine trooper helmets.

We are excited to present a sneak peek of the exhibitions, with the following helmets designed by tattoo artists Lenu and Maarten Emily.

Andrew "Leńu" Leńczuk founded ‘Alien Tattoo’ in Walbrzych City, Poland, in the summer of 1996. With a passion for creating and pushing the boundaries of tattoo art, the studio quickly became famous for its outstanding work, and Lenu became an important fixture in the international tattoo scene. Leńu has been an active member of the tattoo convention circuit since 2003, touring the world and developing his dark, otherworldly style.

‘When it comes to tattooing I’m mostly recognised for doing dark and grim stuff. That's why I wanted to "transfer" some of my everyday ideas to different material. Thanks to the materials I used, I could create my own bio-organic helmet, with a palette mostly based on sepia colours. Everything is created using airbrush and acrylic paint. The airbrush mainly for the bigger elements and brush and paint for fine details.’

Maarten’s fascination of illustrating people started at a young age, watching his father, an artist and painter, at work. This influence nurtured Maarten’s developing creative interests. He started tattooing in the mid 90’s, and opened his first shop in Katwijk ZH, Holland, in 1999. His passion for tattooing, his will to develop, and his many travels around the world made him the internationally recognized artist he is today. Maarten specialises in custom and original freehand black and grey, and his tattoos are characterised by their clean, crisp and faultless design.

‘I used an airbrush to create this piece because of its smooth looks, acrylic paints and coloured pencil to give the piece the look and feel you get with ballpoint pen drawings, finished off with multiple layers of acrylic picture varnish gloss to protect the work. I chose the designs for the piece based on what my work is mostly recognized for. On the front of the piece a view of the streets, an homage to where this style of art all originates from. On the top of the piece, a ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ lady showing the viewer a timepiece a couple of minutes to midnight, as a reminder to celebrate life itself, to live in the moment and not to dwell on the past or worry about the future.’

Be sure to view all of the impressive artworks this September 22-23-24th at The London Tattoo Convention, in our brand new North Dock Gallery area! Advance Tickets are now available online; get yours today. 


This exhibition is not endorsed by and has no connection to LucasFilm / Disney.


Exhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo ArmyExhibition Announcement - Imperial Tattoo Army