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Company: Tattoo Life - Tattoo Energy

Tattoo art rendered in the best way possible: this is the mission of our magazines, that from the beginning have stood out as important information channels in the international tattoo scene.
An essential information tool both for tattooists, for the best artistic and professional confrontation, and the operators of the sector who are always updated on what the market offers at international level.
Always present in the most important world conventions, for over ten years, Tattoo Life and Tattoo Energy have been the reference point of the great international tattoo community, translated into five languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and German) and distributed in 48 countries. A way to offer this art to the multitudes of people which attracted thousands of readers and even imitators in just a short time.
Our products offer the best of international tattoo documented with top quality images: a constant reference point for all tattooists who have established a relation based on trust with  Tattoo Life and Tattoo Energy that has grown throughout the years.