Suppliers: Unigloves Limited


Unigloves sponsors The 13th International London Tattoo Convention Tattoo Competition and Best in Show award.

Celebrating body art from across the globe, Unigloves is a proud sponsor of The International London Tattoo Convention (TLTC) 2017. As one of the market leading manufacturers of top quality disposable gloves, Unigloves is honoured to provide latex and nitrile gloves to the professional tattoo artists exhibiting at the event and will showcase the Select Black range for the appreciation of hundreds of talented, body artists visiting the convention.

During this year’s inspirational event, Tattoo Life magazine will be hosting some really high calibre tattoo competitions and Unigloves is delighted to be sponsoring the ‘best in show’ prize. In addition to this prestigious accolade, the winning artist will also have the opportunity to design an illustration for one the Unigloves Special Edition glove boxes appearing this year.

As well as demonstrating exceptional artistic ability, Unigloves recognises how seriously tattoo artists take hygiene and safety standards and, as experts in the manufacturing field, it understands what makes a truly outstanding glove. The Select Black range is produced to exacting British and European standards using premium, handcrafting techniques to offer exceptionally strong, supple and superior barrier protection. These bespoke gloves, specifically designed for tattoo professionals, also provide high grip and essential textile dexterity to ensure that an artist’s talents are never compromised.

The Select Black range from Unigloves is available in top medical grade nitrile and latex, which are exceptionally clean with reduced residual soluble proteins to prevent the risk of irritation or allergy. There are standard cuff lengths and extended cuff lengths with a beaded edge to make them easy to don and remove. Yet, it is the sublime quality, comfort and softness of the Select Black gloves that tattoo artists love most and the special edition boxes will make an exciting addition to the range.

With its focus on safety through quality, Unigloves cares about your work and your hands as much as you do.

Currently available in the Select Black range:

Tattoo Gloves – Black coloured premium latex and nitrile

Select Black latex gloves – standard length
Select Black latex gloves – extra long cuff
Select Black latex gloves (special edition) - standard length

Select Black nitrile gloves – standard length

Tattoo Disposables

Black razors
Black face masks
Black aprons – light
Black aprons – heavy
Black couch covers
Black bibs
Black plastic cups